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Three Reasons Why Alex Smith as Starting QB Makes Sense for Next Season

Should Smith Receive Another Chance To Lead The 49ers?

The mere look at this article’s title may make you cringe. You may be thinking, “No, not another year!” or “I’d rather be a Cleveland Browns fan!”. I understand your frustration. Year after year, the former first draft pick does a fantastic job at consistently underperforming and losing games. But with the current realities the Niners are facing, it may make sense to just keep him at starting quarterback for the short-term.

So let’s take a look at Three Reasons Why Alex Smith as Starting QB Make Sense for Next Season:

1. New Head Coach: In his first year at the helm, Jim Harbaugh will be faced with a number of challenges. Building player relationships, getting acclimated with team nuances, learning what it takes to be an NFL head coach, and so on. With all this in mind, it will be that more tough for him to bring in a new QB to learn the system or mentor a young one like Colin Kaepernick.

2. No QBs in the Market: This year’s QB market is not enticing enough for the Niners to take a chance on someone new. Carson Palmer’s name has been thrown around, but at this later point in his career, for him to come in and learn a new offense, how productive can he really be and for how long?

3. Train Colin Kaepernick: This draft pick was a smart one. I have long believed it is too high of a risk for a franchise to commit its hight, first round pick on an unproven rookie,  ring a bell? Way too much money is guaranteed without seeing any results. Kaepernick is a promising talent who will not command the crazy money a top pick will. And he already has chemistry with coach Jim Harbaugh. But instead of just letting him start right away, give him some time to learn the offense, much like Aaron Rodgers did with the Packers. That way, he will be more prepared come time to shine.

The thought of seeing Alex Smith under QB is tough to swallow, but hopefully now, it might make a little sense to you.

Ben Djavaheri blogs at Sports Schmooze: Insights, Issues, Interviews -What’s your opinion? for passionate sports fans looking for thought-provoking discussion. See his post on 7 Essential Elements of a Pro Sports Dynasty.

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