Jerry Rice Gives Advice to the 49ers – Bench QB Colin Kaepernick

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

49ers great Jerry Rice has some advice for the Niners issues – that being to send quarterback Colin Kaepernick to the bench, even if for just a short time.

Here’s the story from TMZ:

Jerry Rice has a solution for the 49ers’ woes this season … BENCHING COLIN KAEPERNICK … saying giving the QB some temporary pine time might be just the wake up call he needs.

Look, it’s no secret Kaep isn’t playing his best ball — and with the 49ers nursing a 2-5 record, something needs to be done to get the team back on track.

Jerry made it crystal clear he SUPPORTS Colin and still thinks he’s incredibly talented — but says something drastic needs to happen if there’s any hope of saving the season.

“I am a true Kaepernick fan. 100%. I’m not saying bench him for the season, but sometimes you gotta shake things up. It could energize the team, and provide Colin the spark he needs.”

Rice says he knows from experience that Kaep needs support from the vets to break out of his funk.

“Look, when I came in, I struggled. I dropped balls. And I wasn’t used to that. But I had great people around me, and I got through it.”

Overall, Rice says … you can’t just point the finger at #7, everyone needs to step up their game.

“The 9’ers aren’t a cohesive group right now. They’re making way too many mistakes. It’s not only Kaepernick, there’s plenty of blame to go around.”

“The team has to decide. Are they gonna throw the towel in, or are they gonna fight through it?”

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  1. They need to get rid of the owner. His wife knows more about football than he does. This new coach hasn’t got what it takes to pill this team out of this slump. What ever coach, needs to have full control of the team.

    Dogfather the living legend

  2. We lost one of the best coaches in all of football due to management interfearance, they need to get rid of Ballke.. Bench Kap … Start looking for a head coach who’s not a puppet … Every success story starts at the top … Seek advice from the SF Giants Organization , moving forward ,it’s obvious we will continue to lose with the current management …. I believe in what Mr Rice says … Take his advice….

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