Bud Light Kicks Off NFL Season With New 49ers Can

San Francisco 49ers Bud Light Can

Just in time for NFL Kick-Off, Bud Light – the Official Beer of the NFL – is bringing a new 49ers Bud Light can to San Francisco. The new packaging features 49ers colors, as well as a slogan every 49ers fan can relate to: The perfect beer for using this can to recreate The Catch.

Bud Light worked closely with its NFL team partners to create new can designs for the 28 teams that it is partners with for the 2015-2016 season. Each design features a customized scroll message that speaks directly to each team’s passionate fan base. The cans are on shelves now.

What do you think of the Bud Light 49ers can?

48 Comments on "Bud Light Kicks Off NFL Season With New 49ers Can"

  1. One of the sharper looking cans in the series!

  2. I’m from Ohio born and raised but Red and Gold til I’m dead and cold.. I need this!

  3. I live in Pennsylvania and a Niners fan for life! How can I get a case of the 49ers bud light cans here in PA?

  4. Where or how do i buy a case of San Francisco bud light cans if i live in Phoenix AZ.

    • Same here I live in Arizona let me know if you find them

    • I have an 18 pack unopened, but it would probably cost a mint to send it to you.

      • Judy,

        How can I buy 49er beer from you???
        Trying to get a 6 pack or larger. How much are you asking?
        I have a few friends that live in Dublin trying to locate for me

    • U can’t get them anymore is store but I still have some. 2.50 + 2.94 shipping or get 3 for 5.00 free shipping. Or drive up to show low and I give it to u free.yes iam a real 49ers fan iam not trying to make a lot of money off these I just happen to be in CA when they were still in store and I pick up 2 30 pack’s.I have 10 left.

    • I liveing outside of show low I have ten left.2.50ea + 2.94 shipping. Or 3 for 5.00 free shipping. Or if u r up this way call me I just give u one for free.yes I am a real fan.928-551-0064 Michael.

  5. I’m from Illinois and 9er fan from birth. I need a case. How can I get one?

    • I have ten left u can only mail empty. 2.50 ea.+ 2.94 shipping. Or 3 for 5.00 free shipping. Look on eBay you’ll see iam not try to make a lot I was in CA when u could still get them and I got 2 30 pack’s I only have ten now.

  6. Please I am from El Paso Tx!! How can I purchase cans with the 49ers logo! Email me to: mmoral2567@aol.com. Thank you! Or call me at 915-873-8914.

  7. I live in Virginia beach Va we need this in our area please 49ers all day

    • I have ten left $2.50ea + 2.94 shipping or get 3 for $5.00 free shipping. U can only mail empty 2 sm holes in bottom.

  8. How do we order these 49er bud light beer?
    Will they be sold in stores?

  9. I live in ny, how can I buy these cans? Thank you!

  10. I called the Bud light live in Parkersburg West Virginia and you can only get this in the state they would be fined if they sent them out. So if you know someone in that area have them buy it and send it you

  11. If anyone wants me to buy these and ship them to you shoot me a message.


  12. I love it where can I get them

    • I have ten left I’ve been selling them on eBay 2.50ea +2.94 shipping. U can only mail them empty 2 sm holes in the bottom. 3 for $5.00 free shipping.

  13. I live in San Jose,Ca how can I get the Niners

  14. My son was born in Maine raised in Ct now lives in Colorado He is a 49ers fan big-time How can I get him some for a gift (he was born in 85 so he is old enough)

  15. I live in Brooklyn New York and I have to have the 49ers Bud Light Beer. Can’t find it here in NY.. Please help me with information on how I can get it

  16. There also coming out with Superbowl cans after 12/07/15 I’ll keep checking when I get some I’ll post on here.

  17. I have 49ers super bowl cans

  18. Lame, I have only been able to find 49ers super bowl XVI cans everywhere I go…when will the other bowl cans be a available? I’m in the Sacramento area

  19. Sorry what cans are you looking for I’m looking for the 94 championship can

  20. I have found super bowls 81 and 84 now…hopefully these cans last a longer time than up until the super bowl…I do b t know what kind of release schedule these cans are going on…anyone local to sacramento know where to get these cans ?

  21. Does anyone have this year’s cans looking for some for a friend. I live in NM so all we get here is Broncos.

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