49ers Continue To Try And Turn Corner on 2014 Season

St Louis Rams v San Francisco 49ers

Many 49er fans felt it would be smooth sailing along the NFC West this season, even with the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks playing the Niners twice in 2014.

So far though, the waters have been rather rough for the Niners, as following a 13-10 home loss to the Rams sit at 4-4 on the season, and there’s plenty of reason for that blame to go around.

First there’s the controversy surrounding the future of head coach John Harbaugh. It was Jay Glazer that broke the news weeks ago that Harbaugh was for sure not going to be back in 2015.

Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice told Pro Football Talk that he thinks all the talk about Harbaugh is having an effect on the team.

“Maybe that’s starting to wear and tear on the team and it’s taking its toll,” Rice said. “The team, they try to say, ‘Well, we’re not affected by it.’ But you are.”

The offense has been terrible, led by QB Colin Kapernick, there’s been no flow to an offense that has been at times downright dreadful, like last week vs the Rams.

The O-line has not been able to be anywhere near as good as many felt, and even vet Joe Staley said after the loss that the line “played like s*it.”

The Niners have back-to-back road games against Drew Brees and the Saints, and then Eli Manning and the Giants, and right now there’s blood in the water and the Saints and Giants flat out know it.

Even with all these issues, The Standard lists the 49ers odds for winning the Super Bowl at 11/2, which based on how this team has played, could come as a shock.

The Niners have every chance to take the very average first half of 2014 and turn it around, it falls on this group of players to find a way to do it.

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