Is Colin Kaepernick Worth His New Record Setting Deal?

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle SeahawksColin Kapernick

He might have only started 29 games in his NFL career, but Colin Kaepernick cashed in recently, getting a record setting deal from the Niners.

The QB has led the team to two NFC Title games and a Super Bowl, and the team felt that it was good enough to give him a deal worth $126 million.

Kaepernick’s critics say that as a running QB, he’s always going to be prone to being hurt, but he’s already proven he can take a big hit and keep on going.

What do you think Niners fans? Is it a deal that the team will come to regret, or one that will pay off in the end for the new look Niners?

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2 Comments on "Is Colin Kaepernick Worth His New Record Setting Deal?"

  1. I think the fact of the matter is yes running qbs are at more risk of getting hurt but it also comes down to taking care of your body and trying to keep yourself out of the way of as many of the hits as you can. Kaep always try’s to get out of bounds or get himself down out of the way, yes he will release some good hits but that’s the name of the game. I think that the 9ers know that he is worth every Penny as long as he continues to progress and not only that giving him the weapons he needs will keep him from running as much.

  2. It seems like most people still think that Kaps contract is for 126 mil,
    but you break it down, he is only getting about 75 to 77 mil. The last 2 yrs are not guaranteed which counts for 39.4 mil, and then he has those
    incentives that he has to reach every year, and if he doesn’t meet them,
    he will lose 2 mil every yr.and that can be a total of 12mil that he might not get, so with those two things it brings it down to about 77 mil. So this is really not the big money contract that one might think.

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