Who Is On Your Mount Rushmore Of 49ers Nation?

Mount Rushmore

Recently a lot has been made about ESPN’s interesting chat about who would be on various Mount Rushmore of professional sports leagues.

You know Mount Rushmore right – that National monument sculpture carved into the granite face of a mountain near Keystone, South Dakota. (Yes we looked it up on Wikipedia).

So today we throw out the question to our fan base – what 49ers would make your ‘Mount Rushmore of 49ers Nation.’?

Now of course right off the bat you would have to make sure a spot is saved for Bill Walsh – Niners coach who took the team to three winning Super Bowls before retiring and then working in the front office.

While Walsh maybe the George Washington, that leaves three spots left, and that’s where our loyal readers and fan base come in to play.

Let’s leave comments about the three spots and come up with our own ‘Mount Rushmore Of 49ers Nation.’

So many names, so few spots.

Let’s hear from you Niners fans – four names – one monument.

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  1. Joe Montana, Bill Walsh, Jerry Rice are the obvious and my MT. Rushmore will have 5 heads just so Frank Gore can be up there with Steve Young

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