Roman continues to be a hot name in head coaching searches

49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman continues to be a hot name in head coaching searches.

Just a few days after it was rumored that the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings each had interest in talking to Roman about their vacancies, word broke that Penn State had already interviewed him for their open head coaching job. Roman, who was a finalist to succeed Joe Paterno in 2012, will get another chance at what he called a “lifetime job.”

“I’ve coached in college at Stanford and in the pros for 14 years in the NFL, so it’s more about the individual opportunity, the people you’re surrounding yourself with,” said Roman. “And a job like Penn State is a lifetime job. That’s a job if I were to become the head coach there, I wouldn’t leave there. I’d be back East, setting up camp, I’d be at the (Jersey) Shore in the summer. And that would be my routine.”

Roman has been part of Jim Harbaugh‘s staff since his Stanford days and has helped revitalize the career of Alex Smith, as well as mold Colin Kaepernick. While he is regarded as one of the bright coaching minds in the NFL, the 49ers did struggle at times this year on offense, finishing 30th in the NFL in total passing yards.

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