GM Baalke Says Options Remain With QB Smith

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers

There are options. That is if you believe 49ers General manager Trent Baalke when it comes to QB Alex Smith.

Smith’s future seems to be the biggest question for the 49?ers this offseason, and according to the Sac Bee, all options are still on the table about him.

Baalke said from the scouting combine today that nothing has been decided about Smith, who sat the bench last season after suffering a concussion.

Baalke told the Bee he had a dinner with Smith and his wife, Elizabeth, in the Bay Area after the Super Bowl during which both parties talked about their priorities this offseason.

While there was no specifics about Smith or the conversation, he said it was a priority for the organization to handle the situation as delicately as possible.

“I had a great conversation with him,” Baalke said. “He expressed his feelings, and I expressed our feelings. And that’s as far as I’m going to take it.”

There’s really three options with Smith – trade, release or keep em. That’s it.

Baalke refused to be pinned down on any one outcome. “Are we going to trade him for sure?” he said. “No, that hasn’t been decided.”

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