Could Peyton Manning Play For The 49ers In 2012?

With a $28 million dollar roster bonus due on March 8th the debate is on.

Could Peyton Manning play for the 49ers in 2012?

There’s little about this that is sure. Everything ends with a question mark. Where will he play? Will his neck hold up? Did his injury happen because of the Saints “Bounty Gate”?

The 49ers made it to the NFC Title game last year with Alex Smith. Smith is a free agent. So would the 49ers try and add Manning to get over the hump? Manning would be an upgrade to say the least. The 49ers have said that Smith is their guy. It would be hard to tell the fan base we have no interest in a Hall of Famer, in favor of a mediocre Alex Smith.  The offense would become a force, the young talent would flourish. But at last this won’t happen. The 49ers will ride out Alex Smith. But I think this would be a great place for Peyton to win another Super Bowl.

What do you think?

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