Giants Targeted Kyle Williams’ Head Due To His History Of Concussions

The New York Giants went headhunting when they covered Kyle Williams’ returns on special teams on Sunday — and it worked.

“The thing is, we knew he had four concussions, so that was our biggest thing, was to take him outta the game,” said Jacquian Williams, who forced the second fumble, in overtime, to set up New York’s game-winning field goal.

“He’s had a lot of concussions,” said Devin Thomas, who recovered both fumbles. “We were just like, ‘We gotta put a hit on that guy.'” Later in the same interview, he told the Newark Star-Ledger that teammate and backup safety Tyler Sash “did a great job hitting him early and he looked kind of dazed when he got up. I feel like that made a difference and he coughed it up.”

By any means necessary.

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