Gore Insists He’s Healthy

If RB Frank Gore isn’t healthy, he isn’t telling anyone. The workhorse back of the Niners said to the media on Friday that is is ready to go for Monday night against the Steelers at home.

Frank Gore on Friday said the sparse number of carries he had against Arizona was related to the game plan, not his health. Coach Jim Harbaugh had implied otherwise during his Monday news conference. “I feel good,” Gore said. “You know, everybody in the league gets nicks and bruises here and there. It’s what, the 15th week? NFL football is a physical sport. And I’m good enough to go out there and try to get my team a win.” Gore did say that he hurt his arm on the first play of the game, an eight-yard run but he returned three plays later and alternated with rookie Kendall Hunter for the rest of the contest. Gore carried the ball 10 times for 72 yards while Hunter had eight carries for 20 yards. Gore said he wouldn’t complain about the game plan. “Like I say, it’s what my coach wants,” he said. “If he wants me out there, I’m out there. If he wants me and Kendall to go in and out, I’ve got to do what he says.”

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