Hunter, 49ers undeterred by Gore’s injury

Mr. Destiny on the 49ers overcoming Gore’s injury

If you haven’t bought into this team, you should. The Niners are doing it behind excellent fundamentals and execution. There is nothing flashy about this team and they continue to show the league what is possible when you work with what you have instead of working with a “system”.

In a game where Frank Gore rushed six times for zero yards, his first time in 70 games, the Niners turned to Kendall Hunter and Vernon Davis. After a first half which consisted of field goal exchanges, Kendall Hunter stepped in for Gore and scored on a 17-yard run which put his speed on display.

Vernon Davis had a quiet day until posting a 31 yards touchdown catch when the Giants blew coverage, leaving him unmanned. The Niners are a disciplined team which continues to grind until you make a mistake and then make you pay for it. This team is legitimate and will be a factor come playoff time.

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