Frank Gore on FB Bruce Miller: “He’s a mini Tom Rathman”

A rookie seventh-round draft pick out of Central Florida.

At six-foot-two, 248-pounds, fullback Bruce Miller is leading the way for one of the best backs in the NFL – and the Pro Bowler he’s blocking for has some high praise for the rookie.

As Miller met with a group of reporters Monday, Frank Gore walked by and shouted, “He’s a mini Tom Rathman!”

“He’s doing great,” Gore said. “What I like about him is he listens to what I tell him before the play, so he can get out faster and read stuff faster, so get on the person he has to block. Like I say, he’s very smart. And he’s doing whatever (Rathman) and I tell him to do.”

Rathman is the 49ers’ running backs coach and blocked for the man (Roger Craig), Gore just passed as the all-time leader on the team’s rushing list.

Injury news: Miller received X-rays that were negative on an injured right thumb and downplayed the issue.

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