President Jed York Promises Beefed Up Security

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports 49ers President Jed York on Monday said there was increased security at Saturday’s 49ers-Raiders game in which three people were attacked and that there will be even more for Saturday’s game against the Texans.

Both York and Raiders CEO Amy Trask addressed security concerns in an interview this morning on KNBR. Trask made sure she highlighted the security measures already in place for Raiders games. York blamed Saturday’s incidents on a “handful of people who ruin the experience for everyone else, and it’s not going to be tolerated.”

York on several occasions noted that the team was working with NFL security and with the San Francisco Police Department to improve security in and around Candlestick. That is likely to include better lighting in the parking lots around the stadium, although that might not be in place before Saturday’s game, York said. “I don’t know if you’re going to be able to get up a bunch of light poles in four days before the next game,” York said. “But you’re going to have a lot of security out there. You’re going to have a lot of SFPD. We’re going to work with them to make sure we have the appropriate levels of security to make sure all our fans feel safe and comfortable.”

York suggested that a different type of crowd attended Saturday’s game than the one that normally shows up at Candlestick. “I think when you have a preseason game, when you don’t have your regular-season ticket holders coming to the game, I think that plays a big factor into it,” York said. He said that’s another reason why the NFL wants to eliminate some preseason games in favor of 18 regular-season games.

Asked whether the 49ers and Raiders should stop meeting in the preseason, both York and Trask hedged: “Amy and I are going to work together and obviously make sure incidents like this don’t happen,” York said. “And we’re going to talk and figure out the right way to have the right rivalry between the Niners and Raiders.”

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