Harbaugh satisfied with today’s practice

With training camp just about a week old, it already looks as if the Niners players enjoy playing for Jim Harbaugh.

Today’s session has been the best yet since the players have been coached by Harbaugh. Coach Harbaugh said earlier in the day “I felt today’s practice was our best of training camp.” This is some encouraging news. It is comforting to know that the players are surely grasping the playbook given to them by this coaching staff. You can be sure that the players are truly improving as Harbaugh does not strike me as one who would give credit when it is undue.

The team plays its first preseason game this Friday against the Saints at New Orleans. Harbaugh mentioned that he plans on having the starters on the field for about 20 snaps. While that is not enough to judge how improved this team will be, it will nonetheless allow us to see the kind of work that this coaching staff is implementing. I expect the players to be more full of life under Harbaugh than they were last year under Singletary.

Over the course of the preseason, a keen eye should be kept on the offense. Last season, the offense was largely non-existent. It will be interesting to see in what ways Harbaugh plans on utilizing the weapons that he has at his disposal. The Niners are not short on play-makers and expect Harbaugh to take advantage of that.  Another group to focus on will be the secondary. The Niners have made lots of moves in that department over the last week and will need to work on their pass defense during the course of the preseason. The team was ranked 18th in pass defense last season.


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