Niners Wrap Up Another Camp Held by QB Alex Smith

The 49ers concluded another camp organized by quarterback Alex Smith.

“They got a taste of” the new offense, Smith told Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “I think a pretty good taste.”

Smith, by the way, hopes he won’t have to organize another minicamp. He’s optimistic the lockout will end soon, and additionally, there’s not much more he can teach his teammates. Forced to do another minicamp, Smith said, he’d be “venturing into stuff I’m less comfortable with.”

Smith was asked Friday if he’d be disappointed if new coach Jim Harbaugh brings in a veteran to compete with him when training camp opens.

“I don’t know if I’d be disappointed,” Smith said. “Obviously, that would up the competition level.”

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  1. By all means bring in another qb maybe a vet and push it to get the best qb for the job, Competition is always good to have, I would like to see the best qb win the starting job, Not just hand it to him.

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