QB Alex Smith Earning Praise From Teammates This Offseason

49ers QB Alex Smith may be having one of the best offseasons of any player as San Francisco brass, including new coach Jim Harbaugh, have praised Smith and made no secret of their intention to re-sign him. In that vein, Smith may be the only free agent to be given a playbook during the lockout’s brief lapse in April. Most important, he seems to be earning scads of respect while spearheading the 49ers’ players-only workouts. “He’s more of a leader than he’s ever been at this point,” 49ers TE Vernon Davis told CSNBayArea.com’s Chronicle Live.

“I’ve never seen Alex like this, ‘taking charge’ is what I call it. It’s Alex taking charge. He’s in the classroom walking us through everything, talking about all the plays. He’s taking all the snaps. And he’s really being a leader out there. That’s what Alex should’ve been doing. But it takes time for some guys to get to where you need to be. …He really cares about his career, and he knows he’s on his last straw, so he has to be exact and precise.” For now, it’s working. “I think everything is going good so far,” WR Josh Morgan said. “Camp Alex is a success.”

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  1. WILLIAM KWOK | July 2, 2011 at 6:48 pm | Reply

    Give Alex a chance. This will be the first time since he was
    drafted by the niners for Alex now has a real coach that knows what
    the hell he’s doing. Alex is intelligent and he knows this is it
    and if he fails, the fat lady has just sung.

  2. Bryan Sutton | July 2, 2011 at 11:43 pm | Reply

    I put on the latest “NFL – America’s Game” that I taped earlier today. It was one about the 1986 Giants. I love this show and have found several of them truly inspiring, not just the 49ers ones but also ones like the 1970 Colts & the 1985 Bears. However, I found while I watched the story of the 1986 Giants and that of Phil Simms in particular, I was amazed at how much like the story of the current 49ers it is.

    Prior to 1986, the Giants hadn’t won a championship in 30 years. In 1979 they drafted Phil Simms at Quarterback who’d had a stellar college career and who was meant to bring a new age of winning to the franchise. But his first 6 years in the NFL were marked by both inconsistency and season-ending injuries. Phil Simms finished the 1980 season with 15 touchdowns and 19 interceptions, while completing a subpar 48.0% of his passes for 2,321 yards. He was benched in favour of Scott Brunner (who??) in 1983 and the fans repeatedly booed him, even during wins when it was obvious that the defence had really achieved the victory. This part of his career was also marked by frequent run-ins with Coach Parcells who’d berate him for poor play but it was clear that Simms never backed down in conflicts with the coach…

    Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    However, 7 years after being drafted, and after all the ups & downs of his career, Phil Simms beat John Elway and Broncos in a near perfect QB performance in Superbowl XXI, having trounced the 49ers 49-3 on the way there and that was the 80’s 49ers team with Joe Montana & Ronnie Lott etc etc

    I know it’s going to be easy to reply to this saying that Alex Smith is no Phil Simms. That may be true but I’m sure that in 1983 Giants fans were saying “yeah but Phil Simms is no Joe Theismann” which is true but he ended up winning the same number of Superbowls as Theismann did. And as many as Steve Young and 1 more than Dan Marino.

  3. Great point about the “Americas Game” 1986 story Bryan. If Alex Smith can come close to being the QB Phil Simms was, the Niners will end up with 2-3 rings. The question now becomes, has the team truly done enough on both sides of the ball to give him the support to be Simms? Or is he going to always be the bust that many have already labeled him as?

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