Justin Smith Paying Off on the Defensive Side of the Ball

Dan Arkush at Pro Football Weekly reports that while having Alex Smith is a good thing for the offense, the defense is benefiting from having Justin Smith on the defensive side of the ball.

Much has been made of the serious commitment and strong leadership QB Alex Smith has continued to display in workout sessions involving the 49ers’ offense this offseason.

But the way we hear it, another “Smith” — Pro Bowl DRT Justin Smith — has made an equally positive impression setting the tone for the Niners’ defensive players in ongoing conditioning sessions at San Jose State University.

While we hear Alex Smith was given a lot more all material than he bargained for when he received new head coach Jim Harbaugh’s offensive playbook back in late April, the defense did not receive new coordinator Vic Fangio’s playbook, which sources say might not be all that different than previous coordinator Greg Manusky’s playbook.

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