LT Joe Staley says Michael Crabtree is a Great Teammate

49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree has come under fire from the media lately.

But left tackle Joe Staley said on Sirius-XM NFL Radio Wednesday by way of Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, “Michael Crabtree – he’s a great teammate. I have nothing negative to say about Michael Crabtree. He does show up. He shows up to everything … when we’re together, he shows up. He has his own workout routine that he likes to do, that he feels comfortable with. We have 20 guys that are usually here (at San Jose State). Michael Crabtree is not the only one who’s not here every day.”

Staley’s comments are similar to those of quarterback Alex Smith, who on June 9 also insisted that Crabtree’s reputation as a selfish player was overblown. Crabtree had caused a stir earlier that week when he seemed to minimize Smith’s efforts in organizing the minicamp and questioned whether Smith indeed would be the starting quarterback in 2011. He also suffered sore feet from practicing on new cleats and sat out three of the four practices. It’s not known whether Crabtree will attend next week’s practice sessions.

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