RB Anthony Dixon Wants To Do It All

RB Anthony Dixon didn’t have a good rookie season, ticking off his coaches and even some teammates by dancing around and not playing to what his role was: a tough inside rusher. He also said he got tired toward the end of the year and it wrecked his play. But he’s optimistic for a fresh start with new head coach Jim Harbaugh, who told Dixon upon his hiring that he liked his game. “I’m focused on being an all-around running back,” Dixon told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. “I want to be able to run inside. Outside. Catch screens. Run routes. Pass protect. Downfield blocking. … I feel like [Harbaugh is] going to give me freedom to be me and get comfortable. I know I’m a good football player. I know I can play football. I know I can go out there and run the football, especially when I’m comfortable.”

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