Crabtree Planning To Work Out With QB Alex Smith

The Sacramento Bee reports that 49ers WR Michael Crabtree has returned to the Bay Area, and he plans to start working out with QB Alex Smith, the receiver had been working out in his hometown, Dallas, until recently.The fact that Smith, the presumed starting quarterback, and Crabtree, the presumed No. 1 wideout, are throwing together is a good sign, per the report.

Chemistry issues between the two early last season led to a number of critical interceptions and to 49ers losses, Crabtree, the No. 10 overall draft pick in 2009, has never appeared in a preseason game. He missed the exhibition season his rookie year due to a protracted contract dispute that also wiped away the first five games of the regular season. Last year Crabtree suffered a neck injury that lingered throughout the preseason.

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