Scout’s Inc. Williamson Gives Love to the 49’ers Pick of QB Kaepernick

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. talked to Mike Sando on ESPN about the pick of QB Colin Kaepernick, and Williamson flat out thinks the QB is going to the perfect team in 2011.

“Cincinnati screwed up taking Andy Dalton over Kaepernick. I hadn’t thought of it in these terms, but we had Greg Cosell on recently and he said Kaepernick is exactly the same guy as Blaine Gabbert, except he has a funky release and plays at Nevada. But by all accounts, he is a Tim Tebow in terms of work ethic, a good Samaritan and loved by all. But he is incredibly athletic, tall, he’s going to add 15 pounds over the summer eating a couple Big Macs, and he has maybe the best arm in the draft and he threw like six interceptions last year.

“Kaepernick is going to the perfect team. He has a great quarterback guru in Jim Harbaugh and there is not the pressure of a first-round pick to say he has to be on the field right away. Bring back Alex Smith to be the stopgap. Maybe he is better than that, but in the end, you look at those two and one is way more talented than the other one. You will go to camp and say, ‘Wow, these guys are not even close, the way the ball comes out of their hand, the way they move.’ “

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