If the Niners Go Gabbert; the Alex Smith Era Would Be Over

Head coach Jim Harbaugh has made it clear throughout the offseason that he wants quarterback Alex Smith on the 49ers’ roster and competing for the starting job. And Smith made it clear he wanted to test the free-agent market to gauge all his options before deciding his next move.

Mostly because of the NFL’s labor situation, the door has not been closed on the possibility of Smith returning to the 49ers but if they select Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert, it seems inconceivable Smith would opt to return. After all, even if Smith won the starting job as the “bridge quarterback,” the chants for the backup at Candlestick Park would be deafening.

Smith is a nice guy and all, but it’s hard to imagine he would give any thought to coming back to the 49ers just to be a target of the home fans while also helping groom his replacement.

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