LSU CB Patrick Peterson Pays the 49ers a Visit

LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson is visited the 49ers Thursday, meeting with coach Jim Harbaugh. “It’s great meeting with coach Harbaugh,” Peterson told the National Football Post in a telephone interview. “It’s awesome. It’s fun meeting all of these coaches and GMs. I’m enjoying it.”

Peterson said he’s holding out hope about going first overall to the Carolina Panthers even though they appear to be locked in on Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. “I’ve had great talks with Ron Rivera,” Peterson said. “Nobody knows anything until the draft actually starts.

Then, we’ll see what’s what. I know that a cornerback has never gone No. 1, and it would be awesome to be the first if that happens. “I’m not ruling anything out. It’s very exciting. It’s an honor that they think of me that way. If I go even second, it would be a history-making day. It’s a blessing.” Peterson said he’s looking forward to attending the draft at Radio City Music Hall. “I can’t wait,” he said.

“The draft process feels like a marathon. It’s been fun, but I can’t wait to see where I’m going to be playing. I’ll be happy with whichever team picks me.” Peterson said he would like playing for the Broncos. “That would be a great fit for me,” Peterson said. “That’s a great organization. I could gain a whole lot of knowledge from veteran defensive backs like Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins. I would love to play for the Broncos. We’ll see what happens.”

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