Niners 2011 Schedule

The NFL released the schedule for the 2011 season. Should the lockout not affect the games, this will be the schedule for your 49ers.

Week 1: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers.

Week 2: Dallas Cowboys at 49ers.

Week 3: 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals

Week 4: 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles

Week 5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 49ers

Week 6: 49ers at Detroit Lions

Week 7: Bye

Week 8: Cleveland Browns at 49ers

Week 9: 49ers at Washington Redskins

Week 10: New York Giants at 49ers

Week 11: Arizona Cardinals at 49ers

Week 12: 49ers at Baltimore Ravens

Week 13: St. Louis Rams at 49ers

Week 14: 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

Week 15: Pittsburgh Steelers at 49ers

Week 16: 49ers at Seahawks

Week 17: 49ers at Rams

 Analysis on the schedule to come later.

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