Falcons WR White Slams 49ers QB Smith

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White slammed Alex Smith via twitter Friday night and wondered why the team is still planning on retaining him. White wrote, “Why is the 49ers wasting their time with alex smith they need to move on better yet try to get luck next year would be good for them. 2 coaches have been fired for tht mans performance.”

White later apologized for his comments toward Smith and said the 49ers should re-sign him to a multi-year deal. “Ok 49ers fans I’m sorry I take tht back alex smith is a great players and the 49ers should sign him to a 5 year deal btw I don’t have anything against alex smith wht so ever he is a great guy,” White said.

White however mentioned that Vince Young was drafted a year after Smith and has done more in Tennessee yet “he’s being run out of Nashville.” “That’s the NFL for ya.”

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  1. Hey Matt, really enjoy your Sports Gab network.

    As for Roddy White, its not really surprising what he said, but how he went about saying it–through Twitter. Within two years we’ll be able to put together a list of Top 10 Social Media battles by Professional Athletes.

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