Jim Harbaugh, GM Trent Baalke At Odds Over QB Alex Smith?

It appears that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh and GM Trent Baalke have dramatically different views on the key subject of free-agent QB Alex Smith. Harbaugh seemingly appears more than a little willing to give Smith a legitimate shot at retaining the starting QB job. Baalke, on the other hand, previously indicated that keeping the status quo under center was very unlikely, and he has refused to say anything else on the subject since then.

“You’d think they would put up more of a united front,” said one team insider of Smith’s murky status. “This will be something to watch more down the road. Both of them have strong opinions.” Very interestingly, Smith’s actual interest in remaining with the Niners — which we’ve been hearing for some time now isn’t all that strong — has been overshadowed by the mixed support he’s been receiving from the Niners’ new hierarchy. Said the insider: “I think Alex wants to move on, but it’s so funny, nobody is mentioning that angle.”

5 Comments on "Jim Harbaugh, GM Trent Baalke At Odds Over QB Alex Smith?"

  1. 49ers must release Alex Smith.. He has skills but lacks what it takes to resolve games and being under presure he isn’t a good decision maker..

  2. Alex has had his day with the Niners. He should be trade bait for Kevin Kolb plus a 3rd round draft choice. Kolb is a starter, lets get serious with the Eagles and get the Niners a proven winner instead of drafting a Cam Newton or any of this years class. Renew Alex’s contract and trade him!

    • I think that the niners should talk to the Eagles and tell them that
      they will not file tampering charges if they give them Koab and the niners will give them Alex for a back up, I know that is a big pipe dream but it would be a great deal.

      • uhhh.. guys.. How can the niners trade Alex Smith if hes a FA? Plus, the eagles are looking a “high round pick”, which means a 1st or 2nd rounder. Ain’t going to happen. Lets face nobody would trade for AS. He stinks.

  3. Alex has got to go because SF leaves back memiores for him and the previous couches screw things up so bad that Alex is now damaged
    goods. Its up to him, but he should take alook around and if he doesn’t find anything better, then come back. Alex has to make some effort to search around.

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