Palmer and the Niners Continue to Appear Like a Match

The buzz about Carson Palmer seems to have him landing in San Fran. Ever since word came out that Palmer wanted to be moved, the 49ers have been the one team on the list that seems like a fit. Today on they report again that the Niners and Palmer are a match made in heaven if in fact the Bengals move him.

First, few believe the Bengals will grant Carson Palmer’s reported wish to be traded, but a few teams may be interested. One possible destination for Palmer if he is traded is San Francisco. Alex Smith has struggled to keep his starting job after begin taken with the first pick in the 2005 draft and is now a free agent, although new coach Jim Harbaugh has said he is excited to work with him.

New 49ers general manager Trent Baalke would not discuss the possibility of a trade because he would risk a tampering violation due to the fact that Palmer is under contract with the Bengals. “We’re going to take a look at every option to make our team better whether it is free agency, the draft or a trade,” Baalke said.

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