Smith One of Many Good Throwers in the 2011 Free Agent QB Class

Below is an updated list of Free Agent QB’s that will be out there for anyone to pick from.

Peyton Manning (IND) Franchised – Won’t be going anywhere, and will get a record deal from the Colts that should allow him to retire as a Colt and make a few more runs at a second Super Bowl.

Michael Vick (PHI) Franchised – Same as Manning, he won’t be leaving the Eagles, and we shall see if he can overcome some of the late season slump that cost the team a real Super Bowl run with a Wild Card playoff loss to Champion Green Bay.

Brett Favre (MIN) Retired – Says he’s finally stepping away for good, and let’s hope it stays that way.

Seneca Wallace (CLE) – Backup in Cleveland, and while he’d like to think he can start, more than likely he would make a decent backup for some squad.

Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – The Hawks want him back for one more good run, and in the weak NFC West, there’s no doubt that they can make another playoff run with him under center.

Matt Moore (CAR) – Lost his starting job to Jimmy Clausen, another backup QB for some club, possibly the Panthers.

Alex Smith (SF) – Former first overall pick, time for him to move on and get a start elsewhere to see if he can produce like the Niners felt he was going to.

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