Bradshaw One of a Few Interesting RB’s in Free Agency for the Niners

There’s some interesting players out there for the 49ers if they look around free agency provided the CBA gets done. One guy that could be a huge asset is the Giants Ahman Bradhshaw.

Should Westbrook go elsewhere, there are some intriguing options from the small and tough (Giants Ahmad Bradshaw) to the big and powerful (Raiders Michael Bush). Bradshaw has undergone procedures on his feet and ankles in each of the last two off-seasons. Nevertheless, he gained 1,235 yards rushing last season with eight touchdowns. Bush finished the season with 137 rushing yards against the Chiefs. However, over the weekend, he was arrested for drunk driving in Louisville. On the fullback side, Saints Heath Evans is unrestricted. He’s a pure lead fullback; he only had two carries last year, including one for 18 yards against the 49ers. Of course, this all assumes there will actually be free agency.

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