Thoughts on Nate Davis going to Seahawks

This passed me by over the last 24-36 hours, but I just found out that Nate Davis was signed by the Seahawks.

I know that many Niners fans wanted Davis as our QB and thought that he was the real deal. But, I never really believed in the guy.

I am not even sure what it was about him that I didn’t like either. I just was not comfortable with the thought of Davis leading the team. He did show some promise in preseason games and while he never had the chance to show anything in meaningful games, I don’t think we missed out on much.

Now, who knows, maybe Davis will go on to have a great career in Seattle and we will endlessly ask ourselves why we let him go. The guy has gone to a division rival so he will definitely stick it to us if he becomes valuable to the Seahawks. James Harrison, of the Pittsburgh Steelers, spent some time with the division-rival Baltimore Ravens. Danny Woodhead, of the New England Patriots, spent time with the division-rival New York Jets. Both the Ravens and Jets probably wish that they could have those respective guys on their roster. While I don’t believe that Davis will amount to much in Seattle, I will be the first to admit that I am an idiot if he has any relative success with the Seahawks.

With Davis now gone, coupled with the expected departure of Alex Smith, the Niners will be without two of their four QBs from the past season. Moreover, if you like to over-analyze things, which I seem to do, the Niners likely will not bring Troy Smith back next season. John Harbaugh didn’t think highly of him in Baltimore and I believe Jim Harbaugh will likely feel the same way. If Troy Smith is  back, he’ll probably be the third-string QB.

The Niners will certainly be shopping around for QBs during the offseason. It will be interesting to see who they go after and what route they go in the draft.

So, feel free to share your opinion on the Niners and their QB situation. Should we bring in a guy for 1-2 years and draft a QB in the draft and give him time to grow? Should we make a trade for a relatively young QB such as Kevin Kolb? Did the Niners do wrong in allowing Davis to walk away?

Let us know what you think!

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  1. You may not have anything to seriously consider.

    Pete brought Davis in now, and I have to believe that he did so to hedge his bets and give the Seahawks options now (scary as that sounds in the middle of the play-offs!). The main knocks I heard against Davis were his attitude and his work ethic. Either one of these seem to be a quick ticket out of Carroll’s locker-room. Could this have been a situational issue with Singletary and Niners, it’s certainly possible, and the Hawks (among others) definitely benefitted from picking up some good players leaving the Niner organization this last year. With his arm, accuracy and mobility, however, if he fits into the scheme and buys into the philosophy, he could be a big pickup, possibly big enough for Seattle to leave their QB situation alone for another year. If Mallet slips to the bottom of the first round, however, I’m hoping the Hawks go after him. Otherwise, we now have a good experienced veteran QB, a smart, strong and mobile 2nd, and now a young third QB with the physical assets to challenge and compete with either.

    Back to the Niners, any of the top 5 QBs in the draft would immediately make the Niners long-term dangerous in the division and conference. The Niners have a load of talent already in place, a top QB and some coaching/front-office coordination and its gonna be a brawl out west for a while to come (all good in my opinion, the better your opponents, the better your game becomes!)!! Earlier this year I was seriously looking at Vince Young as a potential QB for the Hawks next year, but he’d definitely make the bay area a danger zone for the rest of the league, so you aren’t limited to popping a draft cherry and hoping they work out.

    Anyway, I’ve chatted up your blog long enough, good luck with the transitions and remake, looking forward to next year’s matches!

    Go Seahawks!!

    • Trakar,

      You brought up some good points concerning both your Seahawks and the Niners.

      In all, this division will be a lot better next season. Sam Bradford and the Rams look like they might be for real and Seattle showed in its win against the Saints that they are not as bad as outsiders may think.
      The 49ers are not too far away from finding legitimate success in this division. I know the NFC West was seen as a joke this season but with the exception of the Cardinals, right now, it looks like all teams will have a legitimate shot to win this division next season.

      If the Niners find the right QB however, they will be NFC West Division Champs in 2011.

    • 1 more thing, Trakar.

      Pete Carroll had nothing to do with Nate. Scott drafted him and is in the minority of being behind Davis 100%. It’s a low-risk move with eye on future for Seahawks.

  2. A tip of the cap to you for being honest, reflected in your line of “I am not even sure what it was about him that I didn’t like either”.

    I represent the other end of the spectrum, as a major fan of Nate who believes this will haunt 49ers fans. Before casting players off, I believe if you drafted them, you should absolutely make sure they are busts before moving on. Instead, he’s being treated as if Rashaun Woods was stitched on back of his jersey .I look at many factors. Mostly though, I let his time on field speak to me. What I saw was a younger, more accurate version of Steve Young.

    I’m disapointed that people were swayed in their opinion by Sing. Sing may be many things (hall of fame as part of your title is pretty elite company), but a good judge of talent he is NOT. Jed York spoke about how Sing leaned on Scott McCloughan plenty as for scouting and evaluations. This is the same guy who came to the mecca of West Coast offensive shrines and defiled it by saying “I don’t believe the QB is that important”.

    Shaun Hill would’ve got us to the playoffs, he would’ve been a great mentor to Nate Davis (which is exactly what he enjoyed as part of Lions and showing Stafford how its done).

    If you can give one incredibly mediocre guy 6 years of chances, Nate deserved some true NFL playclock.

    • Sledhead,

      Your points are well taken. The Singletary Experiment failed miserably. He really did not belong. Initially, I was really excited about him being the head coach but thank God he no longer holds this title. By the end of his tenure, he became too stupid to insult.

      Moving forward, things seem to be going up. Harbaugh seems like the right fit and the staff that he is putting together looks well rounded. However, for this team to get anywhere, they will need some consistent play from the QB position. Now, Nate Davis won’t be that guy and I can’t wait to see how this staff monitors this situation.

      I do agree with you that Davis did deserve a shot. There is no concrete evidence which indicated that he will become a bust. Alex Smith has gotten shot after shot after shot, yet Davis NEVER got a good look.

      Anyways, it would be nice to hear from Harbaugh’s regime as to why Davis would not come back. But, we shouldn’t expect any explanation. Hopefully the guys they bring in find success really fast.

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