Niners Fire Singletary

Following their loss to the Rams, the 49ers fired head coach Mike Singletary. It was a move widely anticipated since the expectations were for the Niners to make the playoffs this year.

DL coach Jim Tomsula will take over for the one remaining game of the season.

Team owner/president also said that the team intends to hire a GM and such person will be responsible for bringing in a head coach.

Singletary was given the option to resign after their loss, but he declined such option. He was 18-22 in his time as the coach of the Niners.

2 Comments on "Niners Fire Singletary"

  1. What took them so long? If the 49ers had any class at all they would have fired him after he dropped his pants in front of the players last year.

    To me, the teams that are the biggest disappointments this year are the 49ers and the Houston Texans. How on earth could a team this talented fail to win such a weak division?

  2. It did take too long but let’s hope Jed York gets it right this time.
    We have to get a GM to run this thing. Someone in the Bill Parcells or Mike Holmgren mold. Not necessarily those two guys, but someone with such pedigree.
    As for who they should hire, I don’t necessarily think it needs to be a “big name” guy.
    I will write a post tomorrow regarding the whole ordeal.

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