Tonight’s Live Chat

Sorry guys for the late update, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I will be changing things up for tonight’s live chat. I will be doing an open thread for each quarter and the intent is to have you fellow fans leave comments on how the team is doing throughout the game. Let your feelings be known about anything and everything 49ers, including, but not limited to the rest of the division, 49ers ownership, the QB situation, Mike Singletary and the coaching staff, and even the possibility of the 49ers ending up with the first pick.

3 Comments on "Tonight’s Live Chat"

  1. Gore needs to have a huge game tonight, otherwise this team is in a world of hurt!

  2. Wow, great play by Troy and Crabtree to make it 7-0, though I am not happy seeing Gore go to the locker room

    • Same here about Gore, they need to hold up until he gets back and so far so good. Frank, we are actually chatting it up under the post “49ers-Cardinals Monday Night Football Live Chat”. Sorry for the confusion.

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