OPEN THREAD: Third Quarter

Well, while they weren’t flawless, the Niners have played a really good half. This is by far the best half that the team has put together this year.

This game is not over though. I do not want to focus on the negatives of this team, but we all know that the Niners always find creative ways to lose. For the sake of the Niner Faithful, I pray that they don’t meltdown this half.

Keys to Third Quarter:

1. Stall the Cardinals offense. Arizona starts the second half with the ball and the Niners do not want to give them any breathing room. The Niners have already put the defense to sleep and they need to do same here with Cards offense.

2. Use Westbrook and Dixon even more. So far, it has worked, and the Niners need to continue tearing apart the Cards’ D-Line. If they keep pounding the rock, they will chew up the clock and allow the passing game to flourish at well when the Cards least expect it.

4 Comments on "OPEN THREAD: Third Quarter"

  1. Where was the hold on the kick off return? That is ridiculous.

  2. So, Andrus misses his second kick of the night. If Nedney will be out for some more time, the Niners will have to bring in some kickers and hold some kind of tryout.

  3. Great pick by Spikes and being unselfish, allowing Nate Clements to run it back.

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