OPEN THREAD: Second Quarter

The Niners did some nice things in the 1st Quarter.

While they missed a scoring opportunity on their first drive, they capitalized on the Cards’ turnover and scored on their third drive.

The score is now 14-3, in favor of the Niners. I credit Smith for making plays happen. The coaching staff gets a nod here as well. The offense is not predictable nor conservative. They need to continue this into the second  quarter. Brian Westbrook has also filled in nicely in Gore’s absence. It will be interesting to see how much time Gore misses.

Keys to the Second Quarter:

1. Continue mixing things up: Dixon scored the second TD for the Niners. The Niners are giving the Cards different looks and so far, it has worked. If they keep this up, the Cards will be out of this game mentally and end up losing.

2. Play better defense: So far, they have played well on defense, but the Cards are only one big play away from getting back in this game. The Niners need to play sound defense in this quarter and maintain their lead.

3 Comments on "OPEN THREAD: Second Quarter"

  1. Gruden is right. The Niners are doing whatever they want. Cardinals have no heart.

  2. Could not be any more true. The offense needs to make some big plays on this drive to spark the Cardinals defense.

  3. Man, I hope that INT does not hurt. Crabtree HAD to make that catch. Let’s go defense.

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