OPEN THREAD: First Quarter

Kickoff is not too far away.

Last week, the Niners layed a goose egg against the Bucs. They have a great chance to turn things around against a struggling Cardinals team.

Keys to the Game:

1. Start Fast and put up points on the board: The Niners need to start this game on the right foot and capitalize on every drive. No punts. They should not settle for field goals because Arizona has the talent to put up points fast on the board. The 49ers can’t blank and need to go for 7 as often as possible.

2. Establish the running game: Frank Gore needs to have a big game not only for the Niners to win this game, but for the season to remain alive. He is going up against the 29th-ranked run defense. He has the opportunity to do some big things tonight.

3. Allow Smith to get loose: Troy Smith plays a heck of a lot better on play-action. The coaching staff needs to allow him to do his thing and show the nation his capabilities. Smith was shut down last week by the Bucs because he was forced to stay in the pocket

Prediction: Niners win 24-13

4 Comments on "OPEN THREAD: First Quarter"

  1. Yes Frank, Gore needs to have a big game. 25 yard run on first play is a good start.

  2. Love teh Troy to Crabtree connection, though dont like seeing Gore in the locker room

  3. Good to see Ginn get a look on kickoffs

  4. I agree. This team has no excuse to be 3-7. More people seem to be commenting on the post “49ers-Cards MNF Live Chat”. Wanna join?

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