Halftime Thoughts

(For those of you just joining us, we are having an open thread for tonight’s game against the Cards. Feel free to join us for the second half as the Niners make a push for the division crown)

So, the 49ers are up 21-6 (a big lead by our standards) and are just taking care of the Cardinals.

Quick Thoughts:

1. Westbrook scores his first TD with the Niners. He has filled in really nicely with Gore on the sidelines. I wish the Niners used him more in the previous games.

2. Troy Smith’s also having a heck of a game. He doesn’t force throws and waits for plays to develop before he puts the ball up in the air. This limits turnovers.The INT thrown by Smith had more to do with Crabtree not making the catch, then it had to do with Smith throwing a bad pass.

3. Ted Ginn. He is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing on Special Teams. He is giving the Niners great field position and he almost broke loose for a TD in the second quarter but was tackled from behind around midfield.

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