49ers-Cardinals Monday Night Football Live Chat

Tonight at 8:15 ET, I will be hosting a chat on the Monday Night Football matchup between your San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. Both teams are 3-7 and facing each other for the first time this season. Come out and show your love for the 49ers as they start their push for the division crown.

13 Comments on "49ers-Cardinals Monday Night Football Live Chat"

  1. Looking forward to it!!

  2. The Cards need to be aggressive tonight and not play passive on offense, otherwise they are going to find themselves again trailing late

  3. Gore with a big run, that is a good sign!~

  4. Wow, 3rd and 15 and he gets it – huge play for the 49ers!!!

  5. Likwe the run game but Smith needs to make some plays too

  6. I know, Westbrook even doing some work.

  7. Hey Guys, we can continue to comment on here, or we could also comment under the post “Open Thread: First Quarter”. If you all prefer to stay on here, I am cool with that.

  8. are you kidding me, a 48yard shot with a guy that has never made a pro kick, a joke!

  9. Yes, TD. What a play! At least we made good on the turnover by the Cards.

  10. Niners defense held up after that 43 yard pass to Wells. It was nice to see them only give up a FG, and Gore looks like he’s back from locker room.

  11. Ted Ginn is giving the Niners some really nice field position.

  12. I put that INT on Crabtree. He should have come down with that ball.

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