Bucs-49ers Notes

Facts: Niners get shut out at home for the first time since 1977.

Quotable: “We just have to get back and watch the film”-Mike Singletary.

In his postgame press conference, Singletary referred to going back and watching film about 8-10 times. Quite frankly, he has got nothing else to say. Personally, I think it might be best for the players to put this behind them instead of showing them film of this game. The team has too many flaws and it is sad. I wish I could be in the film room when he addresses the team and see where he begins. So many things have gone wrong this season and I can’t envision this coaching staff being around next season.

The Stat: There were way too many alarming stats on Sunday. Among them; Troy Smith getting sacked six times, the team having ZERO offensive plays in the red zone, 189 yards on offense. That is certainly not going to win you a game. The team could not even put up anything on the scoreboard.

Turning Point: Troy Smith being intercepted in the 49ers’ second drive of the fourth quarter. On the ensuing drive, the Bucs would score their third and final touchdown, making the game 21-0.

Quotable II: “I won’t say that we were too conservative, I’ll just say that it was hard to get in a rhythm early on”- Mike Singletary.

I couldn’t believe what I had heard when Singletary said those words. I mean, are you freakin’ kidding me? Singletary hasn’t got a hot clue in hell what he is talking about, and I’m sure most in NFL betting circles agree. This guy is in over his head and I hope he knows he won’t be around next year. Then again, with this front office, anything can happen. In my opinion, Singletary is the one holding this team back. Singletary’s offense has no creativity whatsoever.

Hot: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a team that not much was expected out of this season, but they have found a way to get it done. They are now 7-3 and are making some noise in the playoff picture in the NFC West, and that couldn’t have been expected by even those that give out free NFL picks.

Not: The 49ers as a whole. They can’t sustain anything on a week-in and week-out basis. They had a chance to make up ground in a terrible NFC West but failed.

Fantasy Spotlight: Mike Williams of the Bucs is continuing to put up some nice number in his rookie season. He had 3 receptions for 54 yards and a touchdown.

Good Move: Bucs electing not to suspend Mike Williams. Williams had a nice game and contributed to their win.

Bad Move: The possibility of Alex Smith getting the starting job again. I do not claim Troy Smith to be the savior of this franchise but going back to Alex will not move this team any further.

Rookie Watch: Nothing good here on the 49er front. Anthony Davis is just being harassed by opposing defenses.

Notable: Before this win, the Bucs were 2-23 in the state of California. They had lost eight straight against the Niners and were the underdog, nonetheless they did not care about such and got their win. Moreover, members of the 49ers’ 1990 Super Bowl team were on hand to witness the embarrassment.

Up Next: A Monday Night Football matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.

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