A Must See DVD – Mike Singletary on Life and Faith with Victor1

Mike Singletary is a motivator to say the least. Now you can be motivated by the Niners head coach with a new DVD series featuring the coach – Victor1.

The series includes DVD’s from coaches like Rex Ryan, Mike Ditka, Bobby Bowden and Sean Payton. It’s an incredible series that can go a long way for a young person or a group of employees that you may deal with.

Singletary speaks the truth on life and faith in his DVD:

“You can not live a joyful life if you don’t have close personal relationships”

“Never compromise your morals, you have to learn to forgive, and learn to be forgiven. No great organization or friendship exists without friction. Sometimes being hurt is just inevitable, you just have to work past it.

“Don’t ever take yourself too seriously, no one around you wants to hear that you think the world is coming to an end with every little bump in the road. Sometimes you just have to learn how to laugh, always make sure you have people around you that you trust, and that trust you.”

“The key to having successful relationships is having people around you that are successful. Relationships are huge.”

“There is greatness in all of us, you just have to find it.”

It’s a great DVD and DVD set, get it for a loved one or a friend as a gift for the upcoming holiday season.

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