Odds of a San Fran Comeback

As the San Francisco 49ers entered this 2010 season, many football aficionados waxed poetically and even fervently about the team’s sunny-side-up chances of walking away with the NFC West top spot and possibly becoming a sleeping spoiler in the playoffs.

Well, at 0-5, after a few more than winnable games, no less, the 49ers’ chances are basically scrambled. There isn’t a shell on that team that isn’t broken, and with Singletary’s ever widening stare scaring off the king’s men and horses, there seems to be little hope that San Fran will reclaim their ticket aboard the postseason train.

Practically speaking, San Francisco is not on the level of other abysmal teams to start out the season 0-5. The Lions of years past were absolutely dreadful – so much so that Detroit’s football team and not the auto meltdown is probably the real reason Michigan is this country’s closet thing to total FUBAR since the Dust Bowl. And even the Panthers and Bills of this season are, per the consensus, “worse” teams.

But if Mike Ditka has ever taught the football world anything, it’s that a team is exactly what its record says it is.

San Fran has more than a few problems right now. Will Alex Smith ever become the franchise quarterback the 49ers have so desperately longed for since Young retired? Probably not. You’d have better odds at hitting the progressive via online slot machines.

Will Mike Singletary’s work ethic and disciplinary demeanor ever translate into actual success on the playing field? This one is a little tougher to call, but realistically speaking – if it hasn’t happened yet, what makes anyone sure it ever would?

The San Francisco 49ers are looking about 20:1 to come back and compete for a division title right now, and that’s actually being kind with cooked, biased numbers. 40:1 is more realistic on the high end. Online casino games are a coin flip in comparison, and some might actually play Russian roulette before placing money on the 49ers.

Are there any bright spots here – anything to be taken away from a 0-5 start? Well, after getting their hats handed to them in week one at Seattle, the 49ers bounced back, kinda, and gave the defending world champion Saints all they could handle in a 25-22 loss. But right after that, Kansas City manhandled San Fran, and then the 49ers shot themselves in the foot the very next week by literally dropping the ball and allowing the Falcons to squeak by with a 16-14 victory.

After another hard-fought loss to Philly, 27-24, the cross-bay rival Raiders will hop over to Candlestick riding high after annihilating the Chargers for the first time since 2003. Should San Fran be worried about Oakland in this game? Does a compulsive gambler internet blackjack?

Of course!

Other than Carolina for game 7, the 49ers have it extremely rough, playing the Broncos’ big-time offense, the high-riding Buccaneers, the always formidable Green Bay Packers, the explosive San Diego Chargers, and not to mention they have to play Arizona and St. Louis twice. And don’t think they’ll be pushovers. Bradford is money and, with even half a QB, Arizona is as high-powered as they come.

From a pure statistical standpoint, San Fran is DOA for the rest of the season. The best money out there suggests they finish the season at 4-12, actually last in their division where they’re currently seated.

Things may turn around for the team. But if you haven’t worked out basic fundamentals of football by the fifth week of an NFL season, when will you ever work them out? San Fran doesn’t have a team to get healthy on this season, outside of possibly Carolina, so the going looks rather rough.

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  1. Losing 3 games by a total of 8 points is hardly considered hopeless. You’re opinion of the future games is totally unintelligent. To lose to a team by committing turnovers is a lot different than losing by getting blown out on both sides of the ball.
    Fumbles and interceptions are part of the game that every team goes through during the season and it seems that the differential so far is against the 49ers. But the ball will start bouncing our way and we will once we get that RAIDER game out of the way start to have confidence again. Are you telling me that the 49ers can’t beat the sorry a– rams or the quarterback less cardinals or the over the top rated hawks? That’s 5 games right there that we will win out. Then we play the Carolina no quarteback no defense panthers, the Tampa Bay team at home and San Diego’s punchless chargers. You are so negative to think that we won’t start opening up the offense and getting the defense some rest with a functional offense. Alex Smith is the future of the 49ers as soon as they give him time to throw.
    How many teams have three rookies on the line learning the game as they go along. Your negativity Sucks!

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