My take on the 0-5 49ers

Alex Smith will NEVER be the answer.

Mike Singletary should NEVER be a Head Coach.

The misery will NEVER end.

Let’s start with Alex Smith. He will never be the answer. There are 49ers fans who never liked Alex Smith, fans who expected good things out of him, and fans who truly thought he would be the answer. I wish I was one of the smart ones.  I was one of the fans who expected good things out of him. When your team has the #1 pick in the draft and they select a Quarterback, you always feel good about the direction of the team, even though there may be some growing pains. Sometimes, number one overall picks even find success right off the bat. Well, those growing pains are now six years old and I have had enough. As Mike Singletary suggested on Monday, maybe Alex Smith does have “all the tools, all the things he needs to be that guy”. Singletary says he just needs to see all of it, and I say I agree, just not with the 49ers. We went through that same process last season. Smith might wake up and turn us into believers again. But again, I have had enough. I don’t care if Alex Smith goes to some other team and tears it up. He just will never be able to succeed in San Francisco.

Now, I don’t think Mike Singletary deserves to be a Head Coach in this league. Maybe he could bode well as a Defensive Coordinator or as a position coach. But, as a Head Coach, he will not cut it. His coaching philosophy is out of today’s world. Not only is the guy all talk, he actually has lost his ability to motivate the players. The only thing he has going for him right now is that Jed York does not have the power to fire him. No one is willing to stand up to the man and attack him. While firing Singletary during the season may not be a smart move, management needs to show that they are willing to take the steps necessary to improve this team.

Why will the misery never end? Because, the 49ers are only 0-5 and they have only played one team within their division. Things can absolutely get worse, but I refuse to believe that they will. If the 49ers somehow manage to pull out a 7-9 season or better, believe me when I say Singletary will be able to convince to management that things are indeed getting better. Who knows, maybe Alex Smith will then talk Singletary into giving him another season to prove himself. I know I sound crazy but that is entirely possible. I absolutely believe that finishing between 7-9 and 9-7 while winning the division is the worst outcome for this team, as we speak. It would take a lot for me to change my opinion on the 2010 San Francisco 49ers.

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  1. As a 49er fan, I can’t wait until the offseason. Hopefully we will get rid of Singletary and get a real head coach. I wrote a post for my blog about why it’s time to let Singletary go:

    Feel free to comment and voice your own opinion.

    • Bharath, I definitely agree with you. Singletary needs to be let go. But what worries me is that Jed York does not, and will not get it. Not only do we need a new Head Coach, we also need a Bill Parcells-type to come in and just makeover this team. It is unbelievable how pathetic we are with the talent we have, both on offense and defense. The 49ers are damaged goods.

  2. A few wins under our belt and you Guys will be licking the boots of Singletary and Smith and calling them gods. This week we will beat the RAIDERS and then look out NFL the Niners are on the way to the playoffs. I know what you’re saying but we will turn things around and start winning again and then all you negative people will crawl back into your hole and wait for another pick or fumble to get you started again. The only thing keeping Alex Smith from being a winning quarterback is a contantly changing offense strategy that features an offensive line with 3 guys that never played a down at their position in the NFL before. If a quarterback doesn’t have time he cannot funtion and that is simply what Smith is going through. Oh ya I forgot a very predictable offense with Gore up the middle every few plays and you start wondering why the team is not scoring. Once they get the idea that you have to open up the offense and spread the ball around to their playmakers they will start racking up the points and guess what all you idiots that don’t understand football will go into your little hole and complain about something else. What Sing is preaching is a team that will drown out all this negativity and turn around the season.

    • Ron,
      Here is hoping you are 100% right. I really want you to be right. Do you really think I want the team to stink it up? God no. But I say what I say based on what I’ve been seeing. Both you and Bharath make a great argument for Smith. However Ron, I disagree completely with you when it comes to Singletary. Say what you want, but the guy CANNOT coach. Coaching is not only motivating. If it were, Mike Singletary would be the greatest at his craft. Now, simply because I and CJ (I noticed your comment on his article) are frustrated on the state of the 49ers does not mean we know nothing about football. Alex Smith is a guy I have loathed for the last 5 and half years, and should he turn things around, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. However, regardless of how the team goes moving forward, I DO NOT think Singletary should be a head coach.

  3. Singletary is not the problem, he’s more of an answer. Vernon Davis would be elsewhere without Samurai Mike.

  4. I’ll be clear. I was elated when Singletary was hired as coach, but have come to realize he is not the right man for the job, at least not now. True, Davis probably would not be where he is without Singletary, but, at the end of the day, I do not think Singletary can coach. Davis always had talent but he had to get his character straight, something Singletary could fix. I dont know if Singletary could fix an offense or a defense. Getting players right mentally, he can do. But, I have come to believe that his philosophy won’t work with the 49ers.

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