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Interview with Eagles Gab

Mike Burke, of approached me to do an interview session with him regarding tonight’s matchup with the 49ers. Mike is very passionate and knowleadgeable of the Eagles and the NFL. Hope you enjoy it!

49ersGab: Why hasn’t Kevin Kolb been as good as most thought he would be? What are you looking for out of him against the 49ers?

EaglesGab: I think part of it may have to do that people have more file to look at now.  When he made his first start last year, there was no regular season game film to look at.  Teams can definitely prepare for Kolb better then last year.

I also think it’s kind of early to judge him.  He is yet to play a complete game this year.  Although he hasn’t looked great when he’s been in the game, there’s still a lot of football to be played and he will get the chance to prove himself.

49ersGab: When Vick comes back, and should he finish the season well, do you envision a scenario in which Kevin Kolb gets traded and Vick gets signed to a contract extension?

EaglesGab: That looks like a definite possibility.  Andy Reid didn’t show a whole lot of confidence in Kolb when he made the switch this year.  If Vick comes back and plays at the level he’s been playing this year, it’s going to be pretty hard to just let him walk away.  If they do sign him, Kolb isn’t going to want to hang around and sit on the bench.  If the Eagles don’t trade them, I’m sure he will demand that they do.  There’s still a lot of time before all that, but it could certainly end up that way.

49ersGab: The Eagles run defense has disappointed and Frank Gore is looking for a breakout game this season. What should the Eagles defense do to stop him from having a big game?

EaglesGab: The Eagles have not looked good against the run this year, and you’re right, it’s very disappointing.  Most recently against the Redskins, a lot of the issue was just poor tackling.  Just the fundamentals.  They need to do a better job tackling Gore this week because if they don’t, he’ll make them pay.  I’d also like to see them get a better push up the middle.  We keep waiting for the Mike Patterson/Brodrick Bunkley duo to breakout, but we keep getting disappointed.  They still haven’t played as well as I think they’re capable of playing, so I’d like to see them do a better job int he middle.

49ersGab: What do the 49ers need to do to get their first win of the season?

EaglesGab: From an outsiders perspective, I don’t think they need to change a whole lot.  They had losses to the Falcons and Saints in the final seconds, and both are very good teams.  I think it all has to do with the consistency of Alex Smith.  I don’t think he ever needs to be an elite quarterback to win football games, but he has to learn how to better manage the game and make sure he doesn’t turn the ball over.

49ersGab: What do the Eagles need to do to get a win?

EaglesGab: Although it probably won’t happen, I’d like to see them establish the run first.  The Redskins were able to plant guys deep against Kolb and he couldn’t throw the ball down field.  If they can run the ball early and draw the defense to the line, it should open up the field more for Kolb to throw.  It’s all going to come down to whether or not Kolb can throw the ball regardless, but being able to run would make that a whole lot easier.

49ersGab: Should Kolb play well in Vick’s absence, would/could Andy Reid again change his mind and make Kolb the permanent starter?

EaglesGab: That’s a great question.  However, I think when Vick is able to return, he will.  He’s been too good when he’s been in the game this year to not let him play.  It also serves as a test for the topic we discussed above; that topic being what to do with Vick after the season ends.  After the stunt Andy pulled with naming Vick the starter the day after he said Kolb would start, I guess you never know.  However, I do think Vick will be the guy when he’s ready.

49ersGab: Who do you have winning the game and why?

EaglesGab: Honestly, I’m taking the 49ers.  Kolb has a lot to prove, and the 49ers are absolutely desperate for a win right now.

-On behalf of Niners fans, I thank Mike for his analysis of the Eagles-Niners matchup. Should you need any news and/or updates, commentary, and thought-provoking analysis on the Eagles, EaglesGab should definitely be your first stop.

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