Coaches happy with Mays first start at safety

Pro Football Weekly reports that the Niners seemed to be happy with the way that Taylor Mays played in his first NFL start on Sunday in Atlanta.

The bad news is that the mixed messages Mike Singletary has shown a penchant for sending continued with the release of Michael Lewis. The veteran strong safety was told by one of the team’s secondary coaches that there was no truth to the growing rumor that he was on the verge of being replaced by rookie Taylor Mays.

Pro Football Weekly hears Lewis was a very unhappy camper a few days later when Singletary told him that he was indeed going to be replaced by the team’s second-round draft pick. The good news is that Mays made a very positive impression in his first pro start in Week Four against Atlanta. “With his 4.3 speed, Mays is much faster than Lewis, who had basically become more of a nickel linebacker,” one daily team observer said. “Mays’ natural talent is off the scales. He’s smart, he’s good in run support and the team was pleasantly surprised by his diligence and feel for the game.”

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