Nate Clements named “Goat of the Week” by Peter King

After a heartbreaking loss in Atlanta on Sunday, one player that Peter King of CNN/SI gives an award to is 49ers CB Nate Clements. The aware is one though that Clements probably doesn’t want – Goat of the Week:

Nate Clements, CB, San Francisco

As detailed earlier, with the Niners nursing a 14-13 lead at Atlanta with 1:22 left in a game they desperately needed, Clements picked off a pass from Ryan — reading Ryan’s eyes perfectly and making an easy interception — and began a gallop down the left side of the field. Clearly, even though the interception likely clinched the victory for San Francisco, Clements wanted to score, and as he ran down the left side, he didn’t protect the ball the way he should, and Atlanta wideout Roddy White caught him from behind and punched the ball out. Dumb, dumb play by Clements. It cost the 49ers their first victory of the year.

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  1. I got a few names for Nate Clements, But none that will compair to what i wanna say about Alex Smith, He is the worst qb in the NFL bar none, We are 0-4 and waiting for him to win a game, I guess when Smith goes down, Our coach Sing will go with him for sticking up with him.

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