Crabtree upset with the label of being a Diva

Niners wide out Michael Crabtree says he doesn’t understand why he has the label of a diva:

Michael Crabtree owns more than a thousand pairs of shoes, designer or otherwise. He doesn’t like to wear the same outfit twice. He most certainly does not care for being verbally undressed by a teammate at practice. But, if anyone is going to call the 49ers wide receiver a diva over all this, Crabtree would appreciate a dictionary explanation first. “What is a diva?” Crabtree asked. “Really, I have no idea.” Webster defines it as a “prima donna.” Wikipedia refers to one as a “celebrated female singer.” “Isn’t a diva a female?” Crabtree said. “I don’t know, I’m asking. I mean, come on, that makes no sense. A diva?” Crabtree is truly baffled by the label he can’t shake.

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