Singletary not happy about the backup QB situation

Sounds like Mike Singletary isn’t too happy about the backup QB situation for the Niners as the season gets closer and closer:

When Mike Singletary confronted the media, I asked the coach if he felt comfortable with his backup quarterbacks. “When you say comfortable, I’ll put it this way,” he said. “I feel good about Alex Smith. I feel very good about where he’s at. I think we have to do a great job of protecting our starting quarterback. When it comes to David Carr, I think David Carr is a guy that I could grow to feel comfortable with. I think he’s a guy that has a good command of the offense. I think he understands, I just think that he’s still thinking a lot and he’s still having to get the rhythm and all the other things, but I think David Carr, I could grow to feel comfortable with him.”

Not exactly a rousing vote of confidence for Carr and Nate Davis. Of course, Singletary had already put Davis on alert eight days earlier, when he verbally battered the second-year QB after what had looked to the rest of the world like a decent performance against the Vikings. “I think he has to get on the same page and really put himself in the position to really compete,” was one of the things Singletary said of Davis on Aug. 22. “I just think right now that he’s competing against himself, I really do. I really like the kid, there is a lot to like about him, but there is a work ethic that’s involved in terms of being a quarterback in the NFL and he’s got to get it. It’s as simple as that. I’m pulling for him, I’m hoping, but so far it’s inconsistent.” Local media spent much of the subsequent 48 hours analyzing Singletary’s rebuke, wondering if the coach was truly so down on Davis, or if he was trying to bolster Smith’s confidence and/or keep writers off his back regarding the hierarchy at quarterback. What was surprising was Singletary’s tepid endorsement of Carr, the respected ninth-year veteran who is in his third stint as an NFL backup after starting for five seasons in Houston.

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