Arizona RB Wells Has a Lot of Hate for the Niners

Seems that their is a Cardinal out there who isn’t that big of a fan of the 49ers, as Cardinals RB Benie Wells says he out and out has “instant hate” for the Niners.

There have been more than a few Arizona Cardinals to share their feelings on the San Francisco 49ers and Beanie Wells is no different. “To be quite honest, I hate the 49ers,” Wells told Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug & Wolf when talking about their NFC West division rival. The running back has no specific reasoning for his hatred and never had anything against them before he was drafted by the Cardinals. “I have no clue, once I got here and put on this Cardinal uniform it was like instant hate for the 49ers,” he said. “I’m looking forward to playing them this year and getting after it.” In Wells’ rookie year the Cardinals lost to the 49ers in both meetings despite winning the NFC West. Wells led the Cardinals in rushing during that rookie season but is expecting an increase in production this season. “Mainly my goal is to come in and be a lot more productive than I was last year,” Wells said. The offense is expected to be tailored more to the running game with the retirement of quarterback Kurt Warner.

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  1. To say once you put on your uniform it was like instant hate for the 49ers, Is a lil silly, Now if he said the 49ers kick there butt’s two times last year, Then i can see why he hates the 49ers, Now you have a reason, But that’s ok, Hate them all you want, All you have to do is, Get use to is……. Thats a cute name you have LiL Benie… Hahahaha….

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