Dashon Goldson proving his worth.

According to IGN.com, 49ers Free Safety Dashon Goldson has been one of the highest movers in NFL Madden 11. In last season’s Madden game, Goldson posted a 74 rating. In this year’s edition, Goldson has garnered an 80 rating.

I do not know what to make of this but I imagine that it can only be a positive. Hopefully his play not only improves in the Madden game but also on the field. Here is what the guys at IGN had to say:

Underrated member of the Niners secondary (95 tackles, 4 INT in 2009), Goldson packs a punch and is a bigtime ballhawk as well.

Evidently, the guys at IGN know their stuff.

On a side note, this coming season, I will try out NFL Madden 11 and will team up the 49ers against their weekly oppositions. In the past, I have played the Madden games but never personally owned one. Previously I have fared terribly in the game and here is hoping that me playing as the 49ers this coming season will not be an omen for their performance on the field.

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