Will T.O. make Hall of Fame in his first try?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wrote an interesting article on www.sportingnews.com explaining why two of the best receivers in the last fifteen years or so might not make the Hall of Fame in their first try. They go by Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. I’ll focus on one of them, since he played for the 49ers. Subject: Terrell Owens, also known as, T.O.

Even though many 49ers fans have now long forgotten about T.O. and could not care any less about him, I myself still love T.O. Again, I love T.O. – the football player, but I neither love nor hate Terrell Owens, the person. And, for the record, I find nothing wrong with Terrell Owens as a person. T.O. is one of the main reasons why I love the 49ers today. Moving on, Florio’s article stems from a debate he has had recently with his peers regarding whether players with bad off-field conduct should be kept from the Hall of Fame.

Well, here is my take on the matter. Not once has T.O. been accused of any kind of wrong doing off the field. Misdemeanors, DUIs, speeding, you name it, he has a spotless record. Florio also acknowledges that in his article. However, T.O.’s reputation is not spotless. Ask any quarterback, or any other player, for that matter, who has played with T.O. and you will quickly find out that he is not the greatest teammate. He has found a way to make countless players, fans, and members of the media dislike him. Now, should that be reason enough for the guy to miss making the Hall of Fame on his first try? No.

Let’s take a quick look at T.O.’s career receiving numbers to date:

Seasons Games Receptions Yards Touchdowns Pro Bowls
14 205 1,006 14,951 144 6


The numbers show that the guy can flat-out play. By the time he retires (assuming he has two more formidable seasons) he should finish in the top three of all receiving categories. That alone should get him in on his first try.

Ultimately, do I believe he will get in on his first try? I don’t know. It depends on his year of eligibility, and to some extent, how the 44 Hall of Fame voters feel about him. One thing I know for sure is that if he signs with a team and goes silently about his work for about two years, and he wins a Super Bowl, all bets are off and he won’t have to wait for long before his call to the Hall.

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